What is a Modular Barn?

These modules allow maximum flexibility in building design and construction. Modular design barns can be built small at first and later added onto without hassle. Modular barns can also be repositioned easily or transprted to a new site, which is a benefit for rental properties.

Are these “Kit” buildings?

No. Each building  is custom designed to meet the needs of the individuals requirements. The cost is compatable to kit buildings with the ability to have your own personal design and layout.

Can I finance a building or barn?

No. However, suitable payment plans can be put in place or buildings can be constructed in sections with the option to add-on further sections later on.

Can we do larger stalls?

Yes. A standard stall size is 4×4 meters, however the most commonly chosen sizes are 4×5 and 4×6 meters. The sizes can vary, again due to the individuals requirements.

Is there any kind of size limitations?

No. We build undercover arenas from 20 x 60 meters to 27 x 62 meters, we also build 3 meter paddock shelters.

Do we do general property maintenance?

Yes. We have the scope to do general and on going maintenance, plus small once off maintenance jobs.

Will we do a property plan and layout?

Yes, we do consulting and property plans for stables, fencing etc.

Shire Horse Management Plans?

Yes, we develop horse management plans to suit your property and requirements to be submitted to shire for the keeping of horses on your property.